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Sustainable Development Prospects

New DIO publication series

We are pleased to be able to announce the launch of a new solutions-oriented publications series "Sustainable Development Prospects (SDP).

Why this series?

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The 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report points to significant gaps in the organization of statistical sources through collection, analysis and determination of indicator status. This has resulted in a lack of accessibility to specific indicators, especially in low income countries.

It is stated that the Global Monitoring Network are working to correct this issue. However, after many decades of the collection of statistics by countries that support the United Nations statistical data reporting mechanisms, this points to a significant gap in the preparation for Agenda 2030, especially in the case of lower income countries where some of the factors of most importance to their future sustainability are inadequately monitored.

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As a result of workshops organised by the DIO in collaboration with the applied development and economic development units of the George Boole Foundation, several critical gaps were detected in indicators and Sustainable Development Goals. Rather than await for indicators to be identified, specified and then pubished within the context of Agenda 2030, it was decided that DIO will collaborate with the George Boole Foundation to publish a series of analytical reports containing complete analyses based on alternative parameters in order to identify major risk factors facing specific countries in project, programme and policy initiatives to attain Sustainable Development Goals. These analyses will be conducted on the basis of a regional grouping of comparable data series covering countries located in:
"The Sustainable Development Prospects series will accelerate the release of critical information and data series projections for economic development practitioners and policy makers, in low income countries, to facilitate the identification of relevant, effective, efficient, impactful and sustainable projects, programmes and policies in support of Agenda 2030 ...."

Karl Veershom Bünte
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"The Sustainable Development Prospects series generates missing data applying evidence-based models ..."
Hector McNeill
George Boole Foundation
  • Africa,
  • Central and South America
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • South East Asia

This work has been completed by SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, the OQSI-Open Quality Standards Initiative using the analytical modeling tools and decision analysis procedures and data projections generated by selected analytical tools from the library. SEEL, OQSI and are operational units of the George Boole Foundation Limited a non-profit non-government digital systems research and economic development foundation dedicated to the development of useful digital systems for development. The analytical work was initiated on 9th January, 2020 and is coordinated by the George Boole Foundation. The DIO (Development Intelligence Organization) will reviewed all analyses and complete validation/verification procedures on all policy suggestions.

Analytical approach

To date the library of analytical tools represents the most practical system to generate a high quality standard of transparent and comprehensive analyses within a short period. The tools have been developed over the last 4 years to address SDGs project, programme and policy design as a collaboration between SEEL, OQSI.

Baseline global constraint envelope

The data analyses follow a due diligence sequence of analyses to quantify the baseline global constraints envelope for each country based on analyses of projections of:
  • Population size, structure and growth
  • Per capita income distribution
  • Inflation
  • Real per capita incomes

Baseline constraints index

A baseline constraint index (BCI) provides a guide to the degree of difficulty that will be encountered in bringing about change in any nationally-defined indicator associated with each of the 17 SDGs. It also indicates the degree to which investments should make use of different financing options. This is a relatively unique analysis.

Policy analysis

According to the findings related to the baseline constraints envelope and the baseline constraints index this report provides an analysis for each country concerning the possible priorities for action concerning population policy, macroeconomic policies and ways and means of accelerating real growth in incomes and reducing income disparity in a sustainable manner.

Intended readership

The Sustainable Development Prospects series is essential reading for technical, social and economic project and programme administrators and practitioners as well as government policy planners wishing to obtain an comprehensive overview of the relative risks associated with policy options to address Sustainable development Goals.

Publication date

The first series on countries in Africa will be released at the end of June, 2020.

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